Real Solutions for our daily problems

Class fee: £6  | Free for members | Reserve your place

Time: 7.30pm - 9.15pm (Arrive around 7.20pm)

Dates: November 21, 28, December 5 & 12 (4 weeks)

What is the class about?
We generally try to solve our problems through external methods, such as trying to change people and situations.  Do you ever feel though that this never really seems to work?  And that problems keep on coming?

Through learning to look at our 'problems' in a different way, we can learn how to change our mind, so that solving our problems becomes easy!  And you can develop a peaceful mind at the same time!

This is a general class series, which has been designed for beginners and is open to everyone.  There are four classes, each  are standalone, so if you can't attend all of them don't worry.

• Designed for those new to meditation
• Each class includes two guided meditations
• Seating on normal chairs, no need for special clothing

• Class starts with a guided meditation
• Next a talk and explanation of the practice
• Final guided meditation, then Q&A at the end
• Tea and biscuits in the World Peace Café after class

 These classes give you the opportunity to relax and take some time out for light reflection on life.  You will learn how to meditate and explore how to cultivate increasingly peaceful and relaxed states of mind.  Class  held at Vajrapani Buddhist Centre, Wheathouse Terrace, Birkby, HD2 2UY.