Meditation half-day courses are a wonderful opportunity to take some time out of your busy life, relax and dive deeper into teachings and benefits of meditation and mindful living.

Half-Day Courses 

The Great Escape

Saturday 13 April from 10am to 1.15pm

Experience the great escape to pure inner peace and happiness by learning how to solve problems at their root.

If we can change our reaction to difficulties, and learn how to see things differently, we can escape from problems permanently.

Course alone: £15;  Course with lunch:  £21.50

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What is Karma?

Saturday 11 May from 10am to 1.15pm

Through  understanding the principles of cause and effect, we can learn to make sense of our experiences, take control of life, become the architect of our world, and direct our life in the correct direction of happiness.

Course alone: £15;  Course with lunch:  £21.50

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Dealing with Difficulties

Saturday 8 June from 10am to 1.15pm

In ordinary life we cannnot avoid difficulties and problems from arising.  Therefore, we need special methods that enable us to transform everything that happens to us.

On this course we will learn how to transform difficulties into experiences for positive growth and development.

By doing this, not only will we maintain a balanced and happy state of mind in the face of challenges, but we will become a better person over time.

We will gradually overcome habitual negative responses and develop a strong and stable mind.

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Letting Go of Anxiety and Stress

Saturday 6 July from 10am to 1.15pm

In modern life, feelings of anxiety and stress are taken as part and parcel of our modern world.  To overcome them, we might feel that we have to abandon modern life.

However, if we learn to control our mind and change our thoughts, our real problems of negative emotions will disappear.

On this course we will learn practical methods that help us do this.

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