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Healing Our Body and Mind

Empowerment of Medicine Buddha

Saturday 26th March 11am - 5pm

Within our ordinary life, no one has real freedom, everybody experiences the sickness of physical and mental pain. However, through receiving Medicine Buddha's blessings, we can swiftly pacify all our sickness and transform our suffering into the compassionate path that heals our pain permanently.

Medicine Buddha is a supreme Buddha Doctor who has the power to cure all illness especially our disease of the delusions (anger, selfishness and ignorance).

In this empowerment, granted by our Resident Teacher Gen Varahi, we will be guided in a special meditation, through which we will make a heartfelt connection with him, receive his powerful transformative blessings, that purify our body, speech and mind into his pure body, speech and mind.

Through this we can heal ourselves and heal our world.

Everyone Welcome.


£30 (inc. lunch)

£25 online