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In-depth study classes


Foundation Programme (FP)

Foundation Programme (FP) is designed to enable us to deepen our practice of study and meditation on Buddha's teachings. In these classes we systematically study six books written by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.


The New Heart of Wisdom

Starts Thursday 3rd February  | then every Thursday 7:30pm  - 9:30pm

If you have been attending General Programme drop in classes for a few months and wish to deepen your wisdom and practice of meditation, then joining Foundation Programme (FP) will be a perfect transition for you.

Wisdom is very important for everyone. The more wisdom we have, the less ignorance we have. The less ignorance we have, the less suffering we experience.

Through studying and practising the instructions contained in this precious book - New Heart of Wisdom - we will understand and experience the correct view of reality; ultimate truth emptiness. This profound knowledge of the truth will liberate us permanently from all suffering and lead us to the sublime pure peace of enlightenment. There is no more meaningful knowledge than realising the truth of reality.

You can try 3-4 classes of FP before deciding to join for the Programme. For more information email


Teacher Training Programme (TTP)

We also offer a Teacher Training Programme (TTP) at the centre. Please contact for more information.