Meditation Classes

Calming the Chaos Inside

Our Saturday morning, half-day courses are designed to help you learn meditation tips, improve the quality of your life and gain an experience of inner peace through short, guided meditations.

£15 per person | free for benefactor and standard members.

Why do we constantly feel tired at the end of every day? Even when we haven’t done much physically. In today’s society we are continually on the move, our mind is always busy overthinking, racing and distracted and we are always craving stimulation, unable to find the real rest we need.

Many people say “I find it so hard to switch off”. This shows that we are all searching for something that we have yet to deeply experience.

We all need to find our own space of inner peace. Inner peace or mental peace is the source of our happiness and well-being.

In this half day course, we will learn methods to control our busy, negative minds and connect up to our own inner peace. This will give us confidence and joy to experience the life that we wish.

Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre Wheathouse Terr,

What to expect at our classes.

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