Harnessing the Power of our Mind

Tuesdays 7.30pm :

October 25th – November 15th

Thursdays 11am:

October 27th – November 17th

Through understanding the nature and function of our mind we can realise and harness its power

Weekly Meditation Classes

at Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre

Attend on a Tuesday or Thursday, they follow the same course.

£7 per class or £21 for full series of four classes  |  Free for all members.

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When we look deeply into our mind, what do we see? We see both where our  problems come from and how to solve them.

It is our mind that experiences our life, and if our mind is filled with unhappy negative minds, we will experience mental pain and problems. However if we train in positive peaceful minds, we will come to experience a positive, peaceful world.

In this series of classes we will understand what is the nature of our mind, realise it’s implications, discover the different levels of mind and how to use meditation to free our mind from negativity and find deep inner peace and contentment.

Enjoy a voyage through the continuum of the mind and discover some life-changing experiences.

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What to expect at our classes.

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