How to Live Meaningfully

Tuesdays 7.30pm: 29th November – 13th December

Thursdays 11am: 1st December – 15th December

How to live our best life with no regrets

Weekly Meditation Classes

at Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre

Attend on a Tuesday or Thursday, they follow the same course

£7 per class or £14 for full series of three classes  |  Free for all members.

We all wish to have a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life, and very often we try to do this in our work and relationships with family and friends. While this may help temporarily, it also brings with it many difficulties and problems, and very often we still feel a hollowness inside.

The real meaning and joy we are looking for comes from developing and growing positive, altruistic minds that allow us to extend our thoughts beyond the scope of ourself, to encompass finally all beings with love and compassion.

In this series of classes, we will learn meditations that ripen our natural good heart and help it to grow.

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What to expect at our classes.