Weekend Half-Day Course

Living Fearlessly

Saturday 9th December: 10am – 1.15pm

Our Saturday morning, half-day courses are designed to help you learn meditation tips, improve the quality of your life and gain an experience of inner peace through short, guided meditations.

£15 per person | free for benefactor and standard members.


Often we feel stuck and overwhelmed by the situations that life throws at us, or in our ability to cope with life’s difficulties.

Everything depends upon our mental perspective. By changing our mind, we can overcome our negative thought patterns and limited self perceptions of ourself, and by doing so, we change everything.

Through learning correct wisdom ways of thinking, we can take control of our thoughts and perceptions, steering them in positive meaningful directions. By harnessing our minds power to create we can become more peaceful, kind, compassionate and wise.

In this half day course we will learn meditations that help us choose to be a better person and be fearless in the face of negative emotions and feelings. In this way we will have the confidence to change our life and experiences.

Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre
Wheathouse Terrace, Huddersfield.
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