Our Mind Matters

Tuesdays 7.30pm:
28th February – 28th March

Thursdays 11am:
2nd March – 30th March


Our Mind Matters

Weekly Meditation Classes

at Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre

Attend on a Tuesday or Thursday, they follow the same course

£7 per class or £28 for full series of five classes  |  Free for all members.

Even though we are mainly focused on external improvements and constantly distract ourselves with external stimulation, if we give ourself time to pause, we will see a different truth. If we allow ourself to stop long enough, we will know from our own experience, that the state and health of our mind is of utmost importance.

It is our mind that experiences our life, and if our mind is filled with unhappy negative minds, we will experience mental pain and problems. However, if we train in positive peaceful minds, we will come to experience a positive, peaceful world.

Understanding how this is the truth, will give us the wish and energy, to really value the importance of caring for our mental well being, to learn what is our mind and how to control and transform our negative emotions. In this way we will find real freedom and happiness from within.

In this series of classes, we will look at what is the nature of our mind and how to improve our mind through the practice of meditation.

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What to expect at our classes.