The Art of Living (& Dying)

Tuesdays 7.30pm:
18th April – 23rd May

Thursdays 11am:
20th April – 25th May


The Art of Living (& Dying)

Weekly Meditation Classes

at Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre

Attend on a Tuesday or Thursday, they follow the same course

£7 per class or £35 for full series of six classes  |  Free for all members.

Whenever we experience problems or difficulties, we tend to exaggerate them, blowing them out of proportion, like looking at them through a microscope. From this we experience painful feelings that are perpetuated by our constant focus on the problem.

When we understand and live our life in the context of the bigger picture, all our daily problems will easily fall away.

Following Buddha’s wisdom, we can recognise how we have a precious human life, through which we can accomplish extraordinary things by improving our human nature and good qualities of mind. Eventually we can transcend all pain from ordinary life and death.

In this series of classes we will look at practical methods of how to live a meaningful and happy life and thereby die peacefully without fear.

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What to expect at our classes.