Vajrapani Christmas Party!

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Sunday 11th December:

4pm at Vajrapani Centre

Vajrapani Centre Christmas Party

Come and join us to celebrate this Christmas time together.

  • 4.00pm – DVD showing of the play The Wheel of Life
  • 6.30pm – Pot luck dinner (bring something to share)

Relax with friends.
Everyone Welcome.

At our Christmas Party will be showing a video of the play of ‘The Wheel of Life’.

Performed during the NKT International Festival in Paris, November 2008, The Wheel of Life play tells the story of the life of King Bimbisara, a friend and contemporary of Buddha Shakyamuni. Presenting the entire path to wheel of lifeliberation in a way that makes it come alive and immediate to our experience, this special performance expresses the essence of Buddha’s teachings, inspiring us to engage wholeheartedly in our own spiritual life.

The final result of watching this play is that we will develop and maintain the strong determination to liberate ourself and others permanently from the sufferings of this life and countless future lives-this is its purpose. It is a wonderful play of holy Dharma.


dvd cover wheel of lifeThe Festival play Wheel of Life is based on stories from Joyful Path of good Fortune by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. It is written, performed and directed entirely by Kadampa practitioners. There were over 20 actors who dedicated over 40 hours of rehearsal time over 7 days, including two full dress rehearsals, in order to perform this play on the last day.

The Wheel of Life was performed for Venerable Geshe-la, who, after loud applause, expressed his appreciation for the actors, writers, and designers – people working joyfully to put Dharma teachings into a meaningful and wonderful play.

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