Developing a Warm & Open Heart

Available to watch until the 31st January 2021 | £10 (free for members)

A series of three, 45 minute guided meditation videos to uplift and inspire our mind!

As we enter the winter months and the days become colder and darker we can begin to feel low and disconnected from others. However we do not need to change the seasons to change how we feel; we simply need to change our mind!

These three guided meditations on cherishing others, compassion and wishing love will help us develop a warm, happy and peaceful mind whatever the external weather of our life might be. They are suitable for everyone - whatever your level of interest or experience - and provide the perfect opportunity to learn more about meditation, Buddhism and finding peace & happiness from within.

By booking this series you will get access to all three guided meditations until the 31st January 2021, giving you the opportunity to watch and re-watch them at whatever time and day works best for you.


Online Guided Meditation Series

Available on-demand. £10 only with instant access to 3 guided meditation sessions!

Gain further understanding and control of your own inner peace. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get started with meditation, look no further than these three guided videos.

  • Instant enrollment - meditate when the time suits you
  • 90 minutes of content
  • Learn to harness your inner peace in a relaxed and controlled environment

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