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Saturday Half Day Courses


Saturday Half-day Courses

Our Saturday morning, half-day courses are designed to help you learn meditation tips, improve the quality of your life and gain an experience of inner peace through short, guided meditations.

The courses offer practical advice on how to maintain the experience of inner peace in daily life and the opportunity to discuss the ideas presented in the class with our resident teacher, Gen Kelsang Varahi.

Seating is provided on both chairs and cushions on the floor and the courses are open to everyone… whether you are new to meditation or  returning, these courses will provide helpful advice and inspiration for your own meditation practice. For more information please see our meditation FAQs.

Learning To Like Yourself

Saturday 18th June | 10am – 1.15pm

We all want to be confident and happy within ourselves. However quite often either we have a low opinion of ourself or our self confidence is based on ego and pride; we feel good about ourself at the expense of others, by belittling or comparing ourself to them.
This confidence is superficial and not genuine, true confidence and happiness comes from seeing our pure potential, beyond our faults. In this course, by learning to acknowledge our faults but not identifying with them, we will have the space and freedom to improve ourself, grow our good heart and qualities and thereby realize our pure potential.

Living Fearlessly

Saturday 2nd July | 10am – 1.15pm

(Originally scheduled for the 9th July)


What would it be like to live without worry, anxiety and fear? For nothing to faze or stress us out?
This is not just wishful thinking, but an attainable experience and reality.
Imagine having a mind that is always relaxed, peaceful and comfortable. Our mind creates our experiences and for as long as we keep the negative habits of mind such as anger, worry and fear, we will remain with those experiences.
By recognising that gradually we can change our habits of mind through training, we will see the possibility that we can become anybody we wish to.
Everything begins with a wish, from which anything is possible if we create the causes.
In this half day course we will learn practical methods to change our mind into positive ways of thinking. By continually training in these in daily life, we will begin to have confidence and joy, tasting the inner freedom of living fearlessly.
This course will be taught by Andy Torrington, who is a sincere practitioner and teacher of Buddhism, drawing from over 25 years of practice and experience.