Simply Meditate

Simply Meditate

Times:  10am - 12.30pm

Dates:  Cancelled until further notice

Cost:  £12 per class, £36 for all four classes

What is this course

Learn practical meditation skills for finding inner peace, overcoming stress and developing positive minds.

This series of meditation workshops will be following the CD series, Meditations for Everyday Life.  Learn how to use meditation to relax both your mind and body, gain a clear mind, and develop a good heart.

Each workshop is self-contained and will be following a specific CD from the CD series listed above.  Each workshop will consist of two class sessions and a refreshments break in between the sessions. During the workshop, you will be engaging in three simple guided meditations and a practical teaching drawn from Buddha's texts which can be applied into our modern daily life.

Suitable for beginners.  Everybody welcome.

Workshop Dates & Topics

Saturday Feb 11th - Relax the mind and body through meditation and reduce your stress and anxiety, thereby, increasing your physical and mental well-being (based on the CD, Meditations for Relaxation).                                                                                                  

Saturday Apr 29th - Dissolve the constant busy thoughts in our mind and enjoy our mind's clear and peaceful nature (based on the CD, Meditations for a Clear Mind).

Saturday May 20th - Solve your daily problems and experience constant happiness by developing a good heart (based on the CD, Meditations for a Kind Heart).

Saturday Jun 24th - The last workshop in the series, this class will look at the benefits of meditation and the necessity of controlling our mind, thereby allowing us to experience more constant inner peace and the ability to benefit others (will not follow any specific CD).

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