Empowerment of Avalokiteshvara - Buddha of Compassion

Satuday 2 May 2020

11am - 5pm  £20


What is an Empowerment?

A special opportunity to receive the blessing empowerment of Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion. By receiving this empowerment, we will deeply heal our minds and begin to awaken our potential for universal compassion which has the power to transform our self and our world. Please join us for this special day. The Empowerment will be granted by Gen Kelsang Varahi, Resident Teacher. An empowerment is a special guided meditation through which we build a connection with enlightened beings.

What is an empowerment?

What exactly is compassion?

Compassion is a mind that is motivated by cherishing other living beings and wishes to release them from their suffering.



We all have within our heart the seed of compassion, and through receiving the blessings of Buddha Avalokiteshvara we can ripen this seed and develop our kind heart which gives inspiring energy and meaning to our life so that right away we can improve our relationships and our own inner peace and finally we will be able to liberate all beings from suffering permanently. Win, win!


The empowerment also includes a half day retreat on the practice of Avalokiteshvara on Sunday 3rd May between 9am and 1.15pm. 

Everyone is welcome to attend whatever level of experience however places are limited and so advise that you book in advance.